Promotion Plan

Extensive Promotion Coverage

To maximize promotion result, the organizer will launch an extensive marketing and publicity campaign at different stages via various local and overseas channels. In addition to promoting the Expo and enhancing its publicity as a whole, the campaign will also bring timely opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors to promote, establish their public image and recruit new students.


1. Over 200,000 direct mailings of invitations to kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary institutions, vocational training institutions, universities, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, Labour Department, youth centres, consultation centres, human resources centres, etc;

2. Advertisements, press releases and arrangement of special features through different media, including:

Magazines and newspapers
Recruitment publications
MTR and KCR stations
Bus shelter light boxes
Lamp-post banners
Recruitment websites
Via other organizations and sponsors
Various PR channels

3. Regular posting of advertisements and release of information on various   internet homepages to attract exhibitors and visitors;

4.  Press conference will be held to give a show preview to local and overseas media.

5. Pay special visits to various local, China and overseas education exhibitions whereby information and invitation tickets of the Hong Kong International Education Expo will be disseminated to visitors.

6. Official supporters will inform their members about the latest news of Hong Kong International Education Expo and invitation tickets will be disseminated to students of local schools

7. Lucky draw will be held during the Expo. Attractive prizes include education funds, discounted course fees, gifts, etc.